The Open Innovation Research Cluster

for Non-Ferrous Metals at RWTH Aachen University

Refractories and their Application Behaviour in Contact to Metal Melts

Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Tonnesen (GHI - Institute of Mineral Engineering RWTH Aachen University)

Date will follow soon.

Potentials of ab initio methods for alloy design

Dr. Ing. Stefanie Sandlöbes (Institute of Physical Metallurgy and Metal Physics (IMM) RWTH Aachen University)

Date24. August 2017

Key words: ab initio and atomistic methods, parameters for alloy design, strength, ductility, precipitates

An innovative aluminium value chain to enable more sustainable solutions

Ph.D. Christian Leroy

Date: 16. November 2017

Key words:  European Aluminium, Innovation Hub, aluminium value chain, sustainability, research and technology

Final Reports

  • P4: Melt Cleanliness
  • P6: Hot Distortion of Sand Cores during Casting