The Open Innovation Research Cluster

for Non-Ferrous Metals at RWTH Aachen University


R&D publications and theses

  • Settling and Agglomeration of non-metallic inclusions in Al-melts, Mertol Gökelma September 2013, Master Thesis
  • Prediction of Mechanical Properties of a 6xxx Aluminum Alloy based on Microstructural Information, Master Thesis
  • Forming simulation with microstructural calculation of an industrial manufacturing process, Master Thesis
  • Agglomeration Behaviour of Non-metallic Inclusions in Aluminum Melts,  Kankanti Kiran Prateek , December 2014, Study Integrated Thesis (Mini thesis)
  • Particle Detection By Ultrasonic Waves in Aluminium Melts, Damien Latacz, Study Integrated Thesis (Mini thesis)
  • Bath Movement Effect on Agglomeration of Inclusions in Aluminium Melts, IMMC 2014
  • Development of a LiMCA methodology for the measurement of inclusions at different depths in molten aluminium, TMS 2015
  • Study of Particle Settling and Sedimentation in a Crucible Furnace, TMS 2015
  • Agglomeration and Settling Behaviour of non-metallic Inclusions in Aluminium Melts, Master Thesis
  • Formation mechanisms and properties of non-metallic inclusions in Al-melts, Mini Thesis
  • Numerical Simulation (CFD Modeling) of the Flameless Oxidation in a Melting Furnace, Master Thesis
  • Evaluation of the mechanical properties of coldbox sand cores, Bachelor thesis
  • Thermomechanical analysis of PUR-Coldbox binder, Mini thesis
  • Analysis of the material behavior of Coldbox bending bars, Mini thesis
  • Untersuchung der Haupteinflussgrößen auf den Verzug von PUR-Coldbox Kernen, Master Thesis
  • Reinforcement of oxidic  particles in Aluminium melts, Timon Paulus, Master Thesis, ongoing
  • Modelling of agglomeration of inclusions by experimental and mathematical approaches, Mingjian Leng, Study Integrated Thesis (Mini thesis), ongoing
  • M. Gökelma, J. Morscheiser, M. Badowski, T. Dang, P. Le Brun, S. Tewes, Observation on inclusion settling by LiMCA and PoDFA analysis in aluminium melts, International Aluminium Journal, Vol. 91, April 2015, pp. 54-59
  • Assessment of Settling Behavior of Particles with Different Shape Factors by LiMCA Data, TMS 2016, abstract approved, paper will be submitted in 09/2015
  • Maßhaltigkeit bei komplexen Innenkernen — Experiment und Simulation des Heißverzugs, M.Sc. Fabian Öhl, 1. Internationales Deutsches Formstoff-Forum 2016
  • Approach for pyrolysis gas release modelling and its potential for enhanced energy efficiency of aluminium remelting furnaces, Bruns, H.; Rückert, A.; Pfeifer, H., Energy Materials 2017, Springer
  • Steglich, A. Buchholz, R. Gültekin, M. Thoraval, R. Dittrich, A. Pichat, G. Rombach, B. Friedrich, H. Pfeifer: Conductive heat transfer in used beverage can scrap. Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies Conference (AMPT), 2015, Dec. 14-17  Madrid, Spain
  • Steglich, R. Dittrich, G. Rombach, M. Rosefort, B. Friedrich, A. Pichat:  Dross formation mechanisms of thermally pre-treated used beverage can scrap bales with different density. Light Metals 2017, ed. by. A. P. Radvik, TMS, February 27, 2017, San Diego, California, USA
  • Dittrich, B. Friedrich, G. Rombach, J. Steglich, A. Pichat: Understanding of interactions between pyrolysis gases and liquid aluminum and their impact on dross formation. Light Metals 2017, ed. by. A. P. Radvik, TMS, February 27, 2017, San Diego, California, USA

Common publications

  • RWTH weitet Kompetenz im Bereich Nicht-Eisen-Metalle aus, Eröffnungsfeier des AMAP-Forschungsclusters an der RWTH sowie 10-jähriges Bestehen des aec, Pressemitteilung
  • Hier forscht und arbeitet die Konkurrenz zusammen, Aachener Nachrichten 2013
  • Neues Forschungscluster AMAP - „Advanced Metals and Processes”, Aluminium Praxis (2013), 18. Jahrgang Ausgabe 11/13, S. 13
  • Forschungscluster AMAP und Open Innovation – ein Zukunftsweg für die NE-Gießereiindustrie, Deutscher Gießereitag 2013 Stuttgart
  • Forschungscluster AMAP und Open Innovation – ein Zukunftsweg für die NE-Gießereiindustrie, Giesserei 06/2013, S. 100-102
  • Feuer und Flamme für die Forschung, Aachener Nachrichten, 2014
  • Forschungscluster AMAP – eine Erfolgsgeschichte für NE-Werkstoffe und –Anwendungen, aec-seminar 2014  + 2015 Einführung in die Technologie des Aluminiums
  • A New Research Cluster for the Non Ferrous Metals Industry, Norcast 2014
  • Mit Open Innovation gemeinsam schneller vorankommen, GIESSEREI, Heft 08/2014, Seiten 22 – 26
  • Accelerate progress together with Open Innovation, Casting Plant & Technology 4/2014
  • Podiumsdiskussion „Come together!“, veröffentlicht in bbr - Bänder Bleche Rohre mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Verlags Heinrich Publikationen GmbH, S. 50-53, in der Mai-Ausgabe 3/2017