The Company AMAP

In the field of the material technology of non-ferrous metals, their production and processing the Open Innovation Research Cluster AMAP has been established in the past years by a group of ten industrial companies and four university institutes of RWTH Aachen. The cooperation started operational working in October 2012 and concentrates on materials of non-ferrous metals, at the beginning especially on those on aluminium base.

Company philosophy

Open Innovation pursues an R&D and innovation strategy with which associated university institutes of RWTH Aachen and industry companies open their technologies and products beyond own boundaries and commercial property rights and copyrights.

The generation of new ideas and the implementation of complex knowledge of the RWTH institutes and the industry research partners for the benefit and to reach a better risk diversification are the essential fundamentals of a win-win partnership.

It is aspired to create cost-effective designs for all involved partners, to improve the results of joint projects and to better diversify the risks of joint developments through cooperation.

The Research Cluster pursues the evolutionary idea of a joint research at one site, across industry and institutes. This approach is realized by AMAP at the Aachen site.