Across hierarchy levels AMAP is open for the exchange of ideas and cooperation, combines internal and external knowledge, and acts as a link between practice, university and the single companies.

Because of faster and faster changes in the development and production processes AMAP will contribute to the strategic and commercial “added value” of the participating companies through future innovations.
AMAP thus stands for innovative solutions and a trustful, long-term partnership. For this AMAP sets up an organisational structure and suitable internal and external platforms within the Research Cluster.

In the adaptation of its key projects AMAP places the highest value on the networking of knowledge to avoid redundant work and to maximise the value of the gained knowledge.

  • Utilization of R&D synergies
  • Technological early detection
  • Pooling of resources
  • Identification of potentials in secondary areas (“business blindness”)
  • Highest degree of efficiency in cooperation
  • Higher staff motivation
  • Lower development risk
  • Lower development cost
  • Maximization of the value of the innovation work
  • Maximization of probability of commercial success
  • Focus on core competences
  • Extension of the solution space through integration of companies from outside the branch
  • New business areas / new markets
  • Additional revenues
  • Additional innovation options