Fuel cell drive technology

Monika Derflinger (FORD Research & Innovation center Aachen)

13th June 2019  



OpenPhase – Microstructure simulation in metallic materials

Dr. Johannes Görler (OPENPHASE SOLUTIONS GmbH)

04th July 2019  



Automotive E-Mobility To Shake-Up The Material / Process Mix - The Race Has Begun But A U-Turn Towards 2030 Is Possible!

Ying Zhou, Jesper Ove Larsen, Jost Gärtner (AluMag Automotive GmbH)

05th September 2019



New Development in Section and Optimization of Material with Total Materia

Daniel Trost ( Total Materia)

14th November 2019



Intergranular Corrosion Testing of 6000 Aluminum Alloys (Final Report of Project P8)

Chair of Corrosion and Corrosion Protection

12th December 2019