• The companies accomplished the basis for the cooperation within the Research Cluster by signing the cooperation agreement.
  • AMAP started with an agreed project list which is open for further topics.
  • With the integration of the RWTH institutes the scientific, personnel and structural bases for the common realisation of the development works were established.
  • With the foundation of AMAP GmbH the platform for carrying out project works was created.
  • The AMAP management coordinates, organises and establishes the environmental conditions for the participating scientific staff by renting buildings, rooms and providing the infrastructure.

Preconditions to realise a project idea in the AMAP Cluster

  • Evaluation of the objective target,
  • Evaluation of the feasibility of the project works in the AMAP Cluster,
  • Readiness and commitment for cooperation,
  • Agreement on the project contents,
  • Signing of a project agreement by the industry partners and of an R&D agreement with RWTH Aachen,
  • Active participation in the projects,
  • Active cooperation in the project,
  • Compliance with joint declarations

After the finding of ideas and the definition of first research focuses and targets project works were started among others on the topics microstructure modelling / property modelling for an OEM component, forming and optimisation of process chains, casting and OEM component, melt treatment, energy efficiency and process of aluminium recycling, process chain for an ultra high-strength series component.