Innovative measuring technology for the aluminium and automotive industry: online oil film thickness measurement and using a handheld device, online roughness and waviness measurement, combined oil and roughness measurement for scanning measurement of blanks.

Company profile

AMEPA GmbH was founded in 1984 as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen. AMEPA develops and produces innovative measuring systems in close cooperation with companies from the steel, aluminium and automotive industry.

The over 400 measurement systems now installed in 34 countries have made the AMEPA systems an international standard. Subsidiaries in the USA and China as well as a global sales and service network guarantee our customers comprehensive support.


Oil film measurement online - OFM

In the last 10 years, AMEPA has successfully commissioned more than 40 OFM systems worldwide for oil film measurement on aluminium and steel strips in rolling and pressing plants. OFM offers precise online measurement and allows complete documentation of oiling for every coil produced and processed. OFM is used on all surfaces (mill finish, EDT, EBT and Pretex®) with all standard lubricants.

Oil film measurement handheld device - OFIS

OFIS 2.0 is the latest generation handheld measuring device for mobile measurement. With OFIS 2.0, the oil film on metallic surfaces can be measured within seconds. Time-consuming gravimetric or chemical analyses become superfluous. OFIS 2.0 measures oil films and wax layers in the range 0.1 - 5 g/m² (10 - 500 mg/ft²). The device is already calibrated for the most common grades of aluminium and steel. Customer-specific calibrations are possible. Via a Bluetooth interface, all data can be transmitted conveniently to the tablet PC supplied.

Roughness measurement online – SRM

The roughness of sheet metals is a critical parameter for forming behaviour and surface finishing. SRM allows measurements on all common surfaces at 45° or perpendicular the direction of rolling - as required in DIN EN10049.

SRM measures the roughness distribution over the length and width of the coil and helps to optimise the various process parameters (e.g. changing the work rolls, rolling forces). In addition to the roughness values, the user is also provided with a microscopic image of the textured surface.

Waviness measurement online - WMS

Measurement of the waviness of sheet metal surfaces is gaining significance, as the layer thickness of the paint build-up in the automotive industry is decreasing due to reduction/omission of filler but, at the same time, the surface finish quality requirements are increasing. Whilst the roughness describes the shortwave elements of the sheet metal, the waviness records the critical longwave elements, which may remain visible even after painting. The WMS system is based upon the established SRM and determines the standard roughness parameters in addition to the waviness.

Combined oil coating and roughness measurement - ROM

A combined system has been developed specifically for use in pressing plants, which allows parallel measurement of the oil coating and roughness distribution on customised blanks. Small laboratory samples up to complete side walls can be scanned and analysed.

The ROM system allows regular checking of random samples as well as systematic searching for causes of errors during pressing. Because of the high local resolution, locations that are particularly critical for forming can also be recorded here in detail.