Our Performance Profile

Who are we?

In the field of the material technology of non-ferrous metals, their production and processing the Open Innovation Research Cluster AMAP has been established by a group of ten industrial companies and four university institutes of RWTH Aachen. The cooperation concentrates on materials of non-ferrous metals, at the beginning especially on those on aluminium base.

Currently there are working 14 industrial companies and six institutes of RWTH Aachen University at the AMAP Research Cluster.

What do we do?

Content-sharing, organisationally structured, spatially concentrated and interdisciplinary cooperation of industry and university institutes on current problems in the fields of non-ferrous metals with the same main research topics in the sense of the Open Innovation Idea.

What do we offer?

  • Promotion of cooperation and innovation
  • Strengthening the know-how setup in the market segment
  • Generation of new ideas
  • Open Innovation strategy with partnerships on all levels
  • Access to young engineers
  • Using of synergy effects
  • Flexibility in the working method
  • Practice-orientation through spatial proximity of research and industry
  • Fast integration of current research results


53. Kolloquium

Ankündigung des nächsten AMAP Kolloquium Vortrags von Monika Derflinger (FORD Research & Innovation Center Aachen) zum Thema: "Brennstoffzellen-Antriebstechnologie" am Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2019, um 16 Uhr im AMAP Gebäude. Im Anschluss besteht die Möglichkeit zur Diskussion.



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