MUBEA Unternehmensgruppe

Mubea is a worldwide leading partner of the automotive industry and a specialist of innovative spring and lightweight components. The company consists of 10,000 employees and 28 locations. We are represented in 17 countries and on 4 continents to be able to meet the requirements of the international markets at its best.

The solutions for the technological challenges of tomorrow are developed by Mubea already today. This long-term focus is the reason why numerous international standards are based on developments of Mubea. We are therefore optimally prepared for the most important objective of the automotive industry: The reduction of fuel consumption and emissions.

One of the numerous examples for Mubea’s technology leadership are Tailor Rolled Blanks (TRB®). The technology of flexible rolling - to manufacture TRB – has been developed by Mubea and was launched in 2000.

TRB is a flat rolling process generating variable sheet thicknesses in almost any sequence in the rolling direction by modifying the rolling gap. This technology gives us the possibility to produce up to 50 % of thickness variations within one component.

Mubea will continue to meet the upcoming technological challenges. By the use of new lightweight construction technologies, materials and processing methods, innovative solutions for the construction of lightweight vehicles are found. At the same time we endeavour to meet the very highest standards regarding product, process and service quality.

Dr. Hartmut Saljè, Zentrale Entwicklung
Muhr und Bender KG, Schlachtwiese 4, D-57493 Attendorn, Germany