Project 2

Microstructure modelling in forming processes


By means of numeric simulation models the layout of new as well as the optimisation of already existing process chains shall be enabled. This procedure shall be tested on the basis of the two processes ring rolling and extrusion of non-ferrous metals. The target is to be able to predict important product properties, especially regarding microstructure resp. grain size distribution.

Main Research Topics

To reach the research target two superordinate focuses will be set:

  • Implementation of the material module StrucSim for the integrated microstructure simulation into forming simulation by the means of Simufact.forming.
  • Figuring out material parameters and boundary conditions in laboratory and operational tests.

Advantage of the Integrated Microstructure Simulation

It is enabled to predict the microstructure development during the whole process chain. Furthermore the arising strengths and moments can be calculated under consideration of the material behaviour changing during the process.