Nemak Europe GmbH

Nemak specializes in the production of aluminum powertrain components such as cylinder heads, engine blocks and transmission parts for light vehicles since it was founded in 1979 in Monterrey, Mexico. Nemak has manufactured close to 55 million engine blocks and over 250 million cylinder heads in the last decade. With 35 manufacturing facilities located in 14 different countries in North and South America, Europe, and Asia employing over 20,000 people worldwide, Nemak is ready to meet the demands of the automotive industry around the world.


The opportunity of carrying out production-relevant research and to develop innovations jointly with institutes of the RWTH Aachen and industrial companies is an important element for the implementation of strategic business goals of Nemak. The infrastructure which is provided by the AMAP cluster is the key to implement them efficiently, successfully and sustainably. The representation of the aluminum value chain from primary production to finished products increases AMAP’s attractiveness for Nemak. Through intensive on-the-spot collaboration of the employees new market trends can be set early and appropriate implementation strategies can be developed.